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What can you expect in our complete English course? Hear it from our students!

What is Fluent Communication 3.0?

FC3 is designed to transform you, an intermediate English learner, into a fluent, confident English speaker in a short time through our unique method, community, practice techniques and attention from our teachers.

This course 100% online. Conveniently study from anywhere, on your schedule.

The course is based on structured weekly recorded lesson sets each including the Go Natural English method, pronunciation training, grammar, phrasal verbs, vocabulary, listening and conversation skills.

It is the most complete online American English fluency course: 24 modules including 250+ premium recorded lessons (NOT the same as YouTube!).

There are five ways for you to get practice and support as a course member. You will have access to 24 weekly live online video call lessons in small groups, plus 24 weekly live online Office Hours, 24/7 access to our private online Community forum with individualized corrections from Go Natural English teachers and peers, opportunities to match with conversation partners, and email support 24/7.

How does the course work?

When you join, you get instant access to our weekly recorded video lessons, our private forum Community, and access to schedule online live small group lessons.

The course is 100% online and self-paced. Study the course materials first, then enter our Community to post your assignments, questions and comments, then use our scheduling tool to attend online live small group lessons — from anywhere with internet, on your schedule.

1) The most complete American English fluency course by native speaker teachers

Gabby Wallace’s Go Natural English Fluent Communication course is the most complete American English course created and taught by native speaker teachers, including:

— 24 modules organized in an online platform

— 250+ video lessons divided by skill and level

— A variety of methods to accelerate your improvement according to the best way to learn for you

2) A TESTED and PROVEN method that works!

The Go Natural English method really works! Just try it and see.

— Thousands of successful students

— Meet students from over 134 countries, including many living in the US

— The course is 100% in English

— Lessons include learning mindset, practice techniques, and memorization strategies

3) AMAZING guarantees

We’re completely certain our method and program will help you improve your English, and because of that we offer:

Satisfaction guarantee: 30-days risk-free to try the course. If within 30 days after you register for the course you are not satisfied with the level or quality of materials, simply let us know and we’ll refund 100% of your money.

Improvement guarantee: Even if you complete the course and you study all the lessons and take all the quizzes and you don’t believe you’ve learned anything, simply let us know and we’ll refund 100% of your money.

4) Feedback and Support

The Go Natural English team and our awesome peer community is online to help you. We give you feedback on your writing and speaking practice. We respond to your questions and doubts about English and culture. We’ll give you feedback and corrections if you just want to try out a new phrase or sentence, or want to clear up any doubts about the difference between two words.

5) Study at your own pace, where and when you can

Our course is 100% online with recorded video lessons, meaning you can study at your own pace, on your own schedule, from anywhere, anytime of the day or night.

Your progress is noted in our online study platform so you’ll always know exactly where you left off and where to continue.

You also have access to a weekly live online video small group lesson to practice a specific topic or skill in real time with help from a Go Natural English teacher. Additionally, to give you even more support in the course, you have access to drop-in live video calls to solve any doubt or difficulty you may be having in the course.

Our current live lesson and support call (Office Hour) times are listed below. Depending on the number of students we may be able to offer more options soon.

Live Online Small Group Lessons led by Jonathan, our Go Natural English teacher from California who got a perfect score on the TOEFL!

Wednesdays 10am EST (New York Time), 12pm or 2pm

You are never alone! You have support and practice opportunities in 5 different forms:

— Live online small group lessons

— Live online Office Hours

— Private Community forum

— Conversation partners

— Email

6) You’ll be part of our private Community

You’re not alone in our course. You’ll feel totally amazed when you meet all your peers in our online community who come from all over the world. We use English only in our online community, and it’s a super supportive environment to practice, ask questions, and even make new friends from many different countries. It’s very eye-opening!

We post assignments in the Community – writing assignments and speaking assignments using our unique and innovative recorded video uploading tool. It’s easy to use and you can submit your assignments anytime to get corrections and solve your doubts about your English writing and speaking!

A Go Natural English teacher responds to your comments, questions, and assignments in the Community. You’ll get feedback and corrections to help you improve your English skills.

Our Community is private and hosted on our website. There is no need to join any social media to take part (unlike other courses!). It is safe and your privacy is protected.

The online community is active and fun. You’ll love participating!

7) Fast and efficient improvement

Our method is much, much faster compared with traditional English classes and even private language schools. In six months, you’ll learn as much as many English learners do in six years.

So, if you’re motivated to learn quickly, this is the right program for you.