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“I feel stuck with my English. I don’t feel confident in front of people”

Imagine being able to talk to any native English speaker, anytimein Englishwithout feeling embarrassed, misunderstood, or intimidated?

Discover the program that 5,000+ English learners have used to gain confidence, improve their English listening skills, and speak fluent, native-like English.


Does this sound like you?


  • You spent lots of time learning English from textbooks in the “traditional” way, but you still can’t communicate easily or naturally with English native speakers
  • You try to speak English but you can’t always find the appropriate words and you get stuck
  • You have lost confidence in your English speaking abilities and you’ve become shy, hesitant, or scared to speak
  • You can’t understand what people say because they talk too fast
  • Your pronunciation is not so good, and english speakers can’t understand you
  • You speak too slowly in English and it embarrasses you–you want to be fluent and natural
  • You want to take your English speaking from intermediate to advanced in a short amount of time


Sound familiar? I get it. I’ve been there!

Years ago, I studied Spanish. I did well in my Spanish class, so I thought I had a good understanding of the Spanish language…

Well, one day I went to a “bodega” (Spanish grocery store) and heard native Spanish speakers talking…

I was shocked!

I had NO idea what they were saying! I studied Spanish for two years…Two years!! And I still could not understand what that these Spanish speakers were saying.

Sure, I would hear a couple words I recognized…but I wasn’t able to follow their conversation.

That’s when I realized…

…The Spanish I learned in class (from an American teacher) was completely different than the Spanish I heard in real speaking situations.

You’re not trying to learn Spanish…But I know you have been in a similar situation in English.

You’ve been in a conversation with an English speaker, and you can’t understand them because they speak too quickly. Or they use words and phrases you don’t recognize. Or they say things that don’t make sense (like “you’re as cool as a cucumber”). 

It’s frustrating and disappointing to put so much time into learning a new language, only to realize that you don’t know the language as well as you thought….

But here’s the great news

We can fix that (and we can fix it quickly, too)!

I’ll show you how you can learn to speak English fluently without spending years in a classroom…

With this method, it’s like you’re getting up to SIX YEARS of conventional English teaching in just SIX MONTHS.

This program can work for any intermediate English speaker –it’s worked for many high-profile language learners, including:

  • A Senior News Journalist at Brazil’s largest news platform, who was living in New York City
  • A Diplomat and Businessman from West Africa, who took a business trip to New York City
  • THREE Real Estate Developers from Saudi Arabia, France and Argentina
  • A Senior Sales Manager at a large company in the Mexico City Branch Office
  • A Senior Sales Manager a Pharmaceutical Co. in the Japan Branch Office

It is Possible to Learn How to Speak Fluent English No Matter Who You Are!

It doesn’t matter how old you are…

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living…

It doesn’t matter how “smart” you are

You can learn to speak English like a native!

Just like Mingzheng, a 36 year old learner from China.

Mingzheng says he “would highly recommend Gabby’s lessons to those who are seeking to improve their business English skills. After couple of months working with Gabby, my English has improved a lot…I can definitely feel the improvement based on the feedback I received at work or while interacting with other native English Speakers.”

Mingzheng has already seen the benefits of the program–the feedback from his work has been nothing but positive.

Think about your own life…What will your life be like when you’re fluent in English? What would change for the better? Think about it:

  • You can answer your customers’ questions without any hesitation, earning more of their business (Like Marcos from Brazil) 

Gabby has helped me achieving the pronunciation I need. Also she helped preparing for the IELTS test which I got the score I needed to be accept at MBA school. She is helping me with conversations and also with work related words which makes me feel more confident speaking with my customers. I highly recommend class at Go Natural English.


  • You can talk to your children’s teachers at school and find out how well they are doing
  • You can confidently do business with high-profile clients–in English–and impress the bosses at your company’s international branches
  • You can interview for your dream job in English-speaking countries (Canada, USA, Australia–these will be options for you!)
  • You can travel the world on a vacation and interact with native English speakers (and ask where the bathroom is, or for restaurant recommendations)
  • You can express yourself clearly and quickly on the phone and face-to-face
  • You can interact with an entire group of native English speakers having a conversation at work, and understand everything everyone says
  • You can speak like a native, even when people are talking fast
  • You could receive compliments on your English speaking skills from your coworkers, your manager, or your boss
  • You can network with other business people
  • You can build relationships with any English speakers you meet
  • You never feel shy or hesitant when someone speaks to you in English
  • You know exactly what to say in every English conversation

You could do all of those things, if you were fluent in English.

Imagine your next English conversation…How would you feel if you spoke English confidently, without any hesitation?

How would you feel if you didn’t get stuck on any words?

How would other people react? Imagine the surprise on the faces of your friends, coworkers, and family when you open your mouth and fluent, native-like English comes out. They won’t believe it!

Unfortunately, there’s no magic “fluency pill” for English. (And the way you’ve learned English so far hasn’t helped with your fluency)

So what can you do to speak English fluently?

You can get the one program specifically designed to improve your English listening, your English speaking, and make you more fluent in English.

If you want to be fluent in English…to speak and listen like a native English speaker…then you need The Fluent Communication Program.

The Fluent Communication Program: Designed Around the Most Effective English Fluency Methods From 15+ Years of Experience

Before we go any further, I want to reintroduce myself…

My name is Gabby!

And if you’ve read the Go Natural English eBook or watched my YouTube channel, then you know that I teach English learners just like you how to speak English like a native speaker.

You might not know that I have my Master’s Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. I’ve been teaching English to non-native speakers for over 15 years!

I’ve taught English to hundreds of thousands of students. In that time, I’ve seen what techniques help students learn the fastest. I’ve seen where traditional English classes fail to teach the language.

This experience, along with hundreds of success stories, has led me to the most effective English fluency teaching techniques. And I’ve used these techniques to build the course that can take English speakers from intermediate fluency to advanced fluency in a short period of time.

Each section of the Fluent Communication Program is crafted with one objective in mind: To get you more fluent in English

Over the past 15 years, I’ve taught English learners just like you how to speak naturally and fluently in English–I know what works and what doesn’t.

This program is not an afterschool course or a textbook-based course. This is a course that will get you speaking English more fluently than you ever have.

Look at these results from real Fluent Communication Program learners:

[Testimonial]: “I am one of those who spent lots of time learning English from textbooks in an old traditional way..since high school to college, but I could not communicate with the English native speakers easily or naturally until I saw your video courses I have spent only a few months by trying to listen to a lot of your videos…now I can think in English and speak English more confidently and effortlessly” – Sam from Cambodia



[Testimonial]: “In my home country Brazil I was not happy with English courses. When I came to the US, I thought classes would be different, but they were not. So, I found Go Natural English and I am very happy with the premium course!” – Joao from Brazil


Sam and Joao are just like you! They wanted to become more fluent in English, but none of the traditional teaching methods worked for them. That all changed when they found the Fluent Communication Program!

How does this course work so well? Let me share the secret ingredient…. 🙂

The Secret Ingredient to English Fluency:

The Best Way to Practice Your English Speaking is Through Constant Interaction in an Online Group Environment

The Fluent Communication Program works so well because:

  • You will constantly be listening and practicing your speaking in English
  • You get feedback on your speaking skills in our online community via your recorded video–mispronounce a word? Was your accent a little too heavy?
  • You have permission to make mistakes–you’ll be in a safe environment where you will feel comfortable and encouraged
  • You have a complete program of materials to help you in all aspects of your English skills and the Go Natural English Team is with you to help every step of the way

And this program gives you one of the most important tools for success:


Studies show that having other people who hold you accountable will improve your chances of success. You’ll become fluent in English because you want to be more fluent, because the Go Natural English Team wants you to be more fluent, and because your friends in the FC Program want you to be more fluent.

This extra accountability makes it way easier to succeed! And you’ll have all the accountability you need during the eight week, live interaction portion of the program.

The accountability during these eight weeks will make it easier to put the necessary time into your English fluency practice. When you put the time in and follow the program, you will become more fluent in English.

Inna from Russia has experienced the effectiveness of the Fluent Communication Program first hand:


[Testimonial] “I have learned how to express myself more clearly with the Go Natural English Premium Courses. I got used to listening to native speakers. It was a wonderful experience!” 



What opportunities will you have when you’re fluent in English?

Will you be like Miguel from Cuba?


[Testimonial] “I have learned a lot and improve my listening skills with the Go Natural English Premium Course. I have a big interview coming up and I can thank Go Natural English for helping me to improve my fluency for that.”


Accountability and Feedback Aren’t All You’ll Get with the Fluent Communication Program…

You Will Also Have Access to:

1. SIX MONTHS of New Weekly Pronunciation Training Lessons

In the Pronunciation Training portion of the program, you’ll learn:

    • The 17 most difficult sounds in American English (these are the hardest sounds to pronounce–by the end of the program you’ll be speaking them like a native)
    • How to speak fluent English with a more American-like, native accent

You’ll never have to repeat what you say in conversation after you master this part of the program!

2. SIX MONTHS of New Weekly Phrasal Verbs Training Lessons

Phrasal verbs are one of the biggest reasons why you can’t understand native English speakers. Phrasal verbs appear in 90% of our spoken communication.

For example, you probably learned the phrase “I arrive to work at 9AM.”

But it’s way more common to hear native speakers say “I get to work at 9AM.”

Some of the most popular phrasal verbs are:

  • Come
  • Get
  • Put

But those are just the beginning–this course will help you master the 24+ of the most popular phrasal verb groups that native English speakers use on a daily basis.

In the Fluent Communication Program, you will learn the most popular phrasal verbs–the ones that show up in 90% of spoken conversation. Phrasal Verbs alone will greatly improve your English fluency. You will feel way more confident after mastering your phrasal verbs, and you’ll be that much closer to speaking English like a native!

3. SIX MONTHS of Grammar Training Lessons

English grammar can be very confusing…But learning proper grammar is necessary for speaking and understanding advanced English.

  • “To Be” and Articles
  • Present Simple and Continuous tenses
  • Past Simple and Continuous tenses
  • “Going to” and “Will”

These are just a few of the grammar topics we’ll cover (and master) in this program.

4. SIX MONTHS of Conversation Training, Vocabulary and Listening Practice Lessons

The conversation section is where you quickly improve your listening skills. This is the part of the program where you’ll learn how to understand real native English speakers. You’ll learn to follow along and understand exactly what they’re saying–and you’ll learn to do this quickly.

You’ll listen to practical conversations between native speakers discussing:

  • Meeting new friends and acquaintances
  • Talking about your daily routine
  • Describe your professional experience to coworkers or interviewers

5. TRAINING through reading interesting materials in our lessons and through our Fluency Club reading group

Through this program you’ll enjoy learning from a diverse range of materials — not only listening and conversation practice, but also short texts, songs and books!

The best way to learn is to get a lot of input, meaning seeing and hearing a lot of (the right) materials!

6. TRAINING in Gabby Wallace’s GO NATURAL ENGLISH Method and Techniques of language learning

Through this program you won’t only learn how to learn English, you’ll become an expert at learning ANY language.

The methods and techniques you learn can be applied to learning any language in the world, and many can be applied to learning any subject. You will first learn how to learn and become a better, faster, more confident learner in every skill.

This is an investment in much more than your English learning ability. You’ll become a language learning pro!



FLUENT COMMUNICATION 2.0 members get access to all Go Natural English EBOOKS:









This includes an amazing global community of like-minded awesome English learners…

Form lasting connections with people from around the world (using English, of course!)

Participate in our group activities like daily posts, sharing about our lives around the world, and even discussing books in English…

If you’re thinking you don’t have enough English to participate — don’t worry! You don’t need to have advanced English skills to hit the “like” button and say a few words in a comment! The group is very accepting to members of all levels who are eager to learn and make friends.


Now, back to the course materials…

Online Video Lessons Means You Can Learn to Speak Like a Native Anywhere, Anytime

The Fluent Communication Program delivers you several new weekly lessons in video format. This means you can watch them and learn from them any time.

You can listen on your morning train commute. You can have it playing in the car when you pick your children up for school. You can listen as you fold laundry, or go for a light jog at the gym.

The video lessons are available to you at any time, anywhere.

The Fluent Communication Program is the perfect blend between video lessons and feedback that you get through our online community.





– 24 modules and more than 220 lessons

– Go Natural English methods and techniques that you need for fluency in English

– Practical lessons with video, audio, text, quizzes and more to improve your conversation skills, pronunciation, listening, vocabulary building, grammar confidence, and more!

– Huge results! Students who apply the Go Natural English method learn much faster than in traditional classrooms

– The course is for high beginner / intermediate / high intermediate English learners who desire advanced fluency


Alexandra from Italy takes advantage of the program’s flexibility–“I’m usually listening to your videos while I’m driving back home from work, and let me tell you, I feel that my English keep[s] getting better and better. Thanks again for all your help. I’m really enjoying your Premium Course…I’m sure that Go Natural English could help me [become] more fluent and confident when I’m speaking as well as when I’m listening.”

…What could you accomplish if you were more fluent in English?

Even more details of the course…


A special point of this course is that you will be part of our online community where you have access to ask questions anytime and get answers quickly, meet and practice your English with classmates from around the world.

So — You’ll never be alone. We’re always by your side to make sure your success in learning. And you’ll probably make some cool friends from other countries, too!



The price of the course is 6x (six payments) of USD $120 or a one-time upfront payment of USD $600. Seeing the quality and amount of content, this price is much lower than traditional schools that normally cost more than this just for the course and then ridiculous additional payments for textbooks which can easily cost more than $2,000 for per month.

Here you can pay 6x (six payments) of USD $120 or a one-time upfront payment of USD $600 and you get the complete package: access to our member’s area Fluent Communication course materials + online community with engaging activities to give you opportunities to practice, feedback on your speaking and office hours to answer your questions + additional guidance and support via email + and all the benefits of being able to study at your own pace on your own schedule any time or day you want and where you want, with the most effective English learning method!


You have three options for payment: credit card, debit card, or PayPal. All of these options are 100% secure through our site and if you have any questions, our team is here to help you. You’ll never be alone, we’re here to support at every moment from start to finish.



Also, it’s important to remember that you have two guarantees as part of joining this course. They are:

Satisfaction Guaranteed Start
We are absolutely certain that the Go Natural English method will be super effective to help you learn English, but if within the 30 days after your first payment for the course you are unsatisfied with the quality or content of the course, simply tell us and we will refund 100% of your money. We even refund credit card processing fees — and there’s no hard feelings! If you’re not happy, we don’t want your money!

But, we think you will absolutely love the course and community. 🙂

Results Guarantee

Additionally, you have an amazing results guarantee. If you complete the full course, watch all the lessons, do all the activities and really put our method into practice and still don’t see any improvement in your English fluency according to what we promise in the course, we will:

1) Our team will check your studies to see if you’ve really done the course… first of all, this guarantee is for students who actually do the course, ok?

2) If at the end of the course you did the full course and you still do not see any improvement in your English skills, we will refund all of your money, 100%.

There’s no risk of losing your money, and you only have a big opportunity to learn and try to see for yourself that our method can work for anyone — yes, that means you!



This is really important!

Registration starts Monday, April 30 at 8am and will only be open until Friday, May 4 at 5pm EST (New York Time).

This is a short registration time so we can get started without delay — I’m telling you now so you can be ready to make your decision to join us.

There are thousands of people showing interest in signing up, but there are LIMITED spaces! In the past we have had to close registration on day one. When the registration closes, that’s it, it’s closed… so if you’re ready to join, I recommend registering now!


Still have questions?

Here are some common questions from other English learners:

What level is this program?

The Fluent Communication Program is best for intermediate level English learners. You know the basics, but you want to learn or become more confident in intermediate and advanced topics.

What am I going to learn?

You will learn how to communicate more clearly and native-like in English. You will learn accurate pronunciation, phrasal verbs (used in 90% of English conversation), correct grammar, and common phrases from everyday conversations, and lots of listening practice for better conversational confidence in any situation.

You are learning Gabby Wallace’s GO NATURAL ENGLISH method and techniques with this complete program.

How long is the program?

The materials last for 6 months–it’s like six years of English lessons packed into six months. The video lessons and live online community in the program are yours to access for 1 year. 

Each week new lessons are released covering all skills. Each week you will be able to access one new week of lessons.

How fast will I get results?

Will people mistake you for a native speaker next week? No! However, if you commit to watching the video lessons and putting what you learn into practice, you will see excellent improvements in your fluency. This program covers the content that shows up in 90% of spoken conversation–you’ll experience changes at work, at home, on a date, and in your day-to-day English speaking life.

How much time does it take to do this course?

This is a flexible course that works with your life and your schedule. If you have a few minutes to study each day, or a chunk of time once a week, you can watch the lessons that you are most interested in or all of them.

How do I register for the course?

Click on the link below and you’ll be asked to pay by credit card, debit card, or PayPal through our secure payment processing system on our SSL secure site.

This program has already worked for learners just like you…Are you ready to change your life forever?

[Yes! I’m ready to purchase my spot in the Fluent Communication Program for just $600]