Why some people learn Fluent English fast, and how you can too

Why do some people learn fluent English faster, while others might stay at an intermediate level for years? The secret to learning fast is to make English a part of your life. Watch the video below to listen to Gabby explain why some people learn fluent English fast, and how you can too!

Is English a part of your day-to-day life?

Maybe English class is part of your life, but just a tiny part. It may seem like a task and outside of your regular routine, or a chore separate from your life. It will be difficult to achieve fluency fast if you keep English out of your day-to-day living. 

How can you tell if English is in a compartment outside of your regular life?

First, what language do you speak to your coworkers in? Or your friends and family? It is most likely your own native language, for most of you.

What language do you think in? You can’t control what language everyone else is speaking in BUT you can control your own thoughts and the language you think in. Additionally, thinking is something you can change immediately.

Make English a part of your day-to-day life!

If you want to be successful in learning fluent English fast, forget about focusing on grammar and pronunciation as it is not important for this task and if you get caught up in the logistics of English, it will remove the pleasure in learning this way.

What else can we do to make English a part of our daily lives then, beyond opening a textbook?

People who get fluent quicker are obsessed with English. They think in English, make friends who speak English, the media used is in English, they watch movies in English, read books in English, watch the news in English, write in English, listen to music in English and may even cook from English recipes. Start doing your daily routines in English. Learn fluent English fast by cooking, planning your day, watching the news and listening to English music and singing along.

The best part about learning English now is that in today’s day and age it is far easier to immerse yourself in English than ever before and it can be done for free. If English is not useful to you, you don’t need it and you will not retain the language as quickly or deeply as someone who has made English a part of their daily living.

Watch Gabby explain further in her video about why some people learn fluent English fast, and how you can too!

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