What’s the Difference Between Speak, Say and Tell?

Speak, say and tell are similar, but different. Like many English learners, you might have difficulty understanding the difference.


I encourage you to watch this episode and start using these verbs right away. If you’d like to try an online lesson with a native English teacher and get the special Go Natural English 2-for-1 lesson offer, CLICK HERE. 


“Speak” is used with languages. “I speak English.”


We can also use “speak” to say something is meaningful. For example, “This photograph really speaks to me.”


“Say” is often used to quote a statement that a person said. It is often used in reported speech.


“Tell” is often used to give information. For example “Tell me what you think!” “Tell me how to become fluent in English.”


Try speaking more English every day! Start using these verbs by copying the examples given in this episode.


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