Steps to Think in English

Congratulations on your decision to learn English! This is the first step on an exciting journey. Before you set forward, watch Gabby’s video below to learn steps to think in English. Thinking in English is how you will succeed in your goal of fluency.

 Start Small and Be Patient with Yourself

If you expect perfection right from the start, you will end up frustrated, disappointed and more likely to quit. To start, set small goals in order to give yourself a chance to succeed. By setting a small goal or two every day that you will be able to reach, it will give you an “easy win”.

“Rome was not built in a day” is an English expression that means great things take time to build. If you want to become a runner, you not lace your shoes and run a marathon on the first day. No, building up your stamina and muscles takes time. The brain learning a new language is just the same! It needs time to stretch, grow and learn new ways of thinking.

Little Things You Can Do Today to Start Thinking in English

Here are some small things you can do today to start thinking in English. Choose one or two to get started, and then add more once you feel comfortable. If you are someone who likes to make lists, try making your to do and grocery lists in English. Set your phone to English. While you are making and doing things throughout your day, describe what you are doing in English or observe others around you and start describing what other people are doing. Finally, while on a walk, see if you can identify and describe some of the objects around you “tall leafy tree”, “small white dog”, “path in the park, with flowers growing on both sides”

It does not matter if you have it right every time, these are just little ways to start thinking in English. Remind yourself, you are starting small and building up, in order to succeed in learning English. The first step you need to take towards English fluency is thinking in English.

Watch the video where Gabby gives you steps to think in English now!

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