Successful Self-Study for English Fluency Learning

It is difficult for most people to stay on track when they are immersed in a self-led study. You might find yourself making a lot of excuses as to why it is complicated, the most common one being “I am just not good at English”. These excuses create a thick wall that prevents learning, therefore it is time to leave these excuses behind and open your mind so that you are able to learn. Learning is an important part of being an adult, it promotes growth in character and gives flavor to life! If you are ready to learn and want to push yourself further, then watch Gabby’s video below on successful self-study for English fluency learning.

Know WHY you are learning

Why are you learning English? Is it for fun, or to pass a test, maybe it is to impress someone, or could it be for work? There is no wrong reason to learn English.

Set a specific measurable goal with a deadline

Think of a larger goal you would like to achieve and set an amount of time to complete it. Maybe your goal will be to read a book in English, watching a movie, complete a course, or have a 15 min conversation with a native speaker. Try your best to meet your goal, but if you can’t don’t feel defeated, just adjust your time required until you can meet it easily. Once you can meet your goal easily, then shorten the length of time to give yourself a challenge.

Get help from a course

Try one of the Go Natural English Fluency Courses or the English Fluency Formula Ebook! If you have already tried these or you learn better under a different method then find the right match for you and enroll.

Keep yourself accountable with mini goals each week

Your mini goals might be your larger goal broken down into smaller portions. Write them in your calendar or daily planner and cross them off when you complete them. Completing your mini goals helps to provide encouragement and set up a can-do attitude that will help you tackle your larger goals.


Goal: Read an English novel by the end of the month

Mini goals: Read three chapters a week

Goal: Have a 15-minute conversation with a native English speaker

Mini goals: Ask a native speaker a question every day. Start with “What is the time?” or “Where is the washroom?” and working way up to “What movie should I watch?” or “What is your favorite place to eat?”.

Tell Friends and Family

If you share your goals with friends and family members it makes it real. People will ask you about it, which creates accountability. It also can help with getting feedback. If someone knows you are learning English, they will notice your progress and let you know the changes they see. Sometimes we can not see our own progress and it helps to have another person to encourage and challenge us.  

If you feel bored, remember why you are learning!

Watch the video now to see Gabby explain successful self-study for English fluency learning.

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