9 Kinds of Humor Explained in English

An important part of fluency is being able to read different kinds of humor. Today we are going to look at nine different kinds of humor explained in English. Do you know what it means to be able to read someone’s sense of humor? When we read someone we are …

Frank and me, or Frank and I?

Have you ever struggled in knowing which personal pronoun to use in a sentence  – me or I? You are not alone. Even native English speakers confuse which personal pronoun to use in a sentence with multiple subjects. Every now and again in our course, this question will pop up. After …

How to Speak English Fluently

Many English learners have spent countless hours in the classroom, only to feel frustrated at how little they remember, how confused they feel when speaking to native English speakers, and how they lack the confidence to carry on a conversation. In this video, Gabby will explain how to speak English …
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