Frank and me, or Frank and I?

Have you ever struggled in knowing which personal pronoun to use in a sentence  – me or I? You are not alone. Even native English speakers confuse which personal pronoun to use in a sentence with multiple subjects. Every now and again in our course, this question will pop up. After …

How to Pronounce “TH” Properly in English

Do you want to be able to pronounce the English Th sound clearly? It is completely normal as an English learner to struggle with the Th sound. There are two different TH sounds: the voiceless Th, and the voiced Th. A lot of people will try to say these sounds …

The Intrusive R and What It Sounds Like

WHAT DOES THE INTRUSIVE R SOUND LIKE? In this video, Gabby talks about the intrusive R and what it sounds like in American English. Have you ever watched an American TV show called “Boardwalk Empire”? Have you seen a classic film like “Moonstruck” or “The Godfather”? Or even watched “Looney …
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