Should I Use Subtitles on Movies to Learn English Listening Skills?

Imagine that you’re watching a TV show to learn a language, most language-learners ask themselves “Should I use subtitles on movies to learn English listening skills?” When learning a new language such as English, most learners will ask themselves whether or not to use English subtitles whenever they’re watching their favourite …

How to Learn English with Movies or TV Series

Do you love watching movies and TV shows? If you’re like me, they are a significant part of your life, and a great way to learn about the American culture and language. Here’s how you can learn English with movies and TV! WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO WATCH? If you …

Top 10 Movies for Learning English

Click the play button to listen to the audio of this episode, or scroll down to watch the video. Subscribe in iTunes for ios, Stitcher for Android, and on YouTube! Can Movies Help Me Learn English? Learning a language doesn’t always have to happen in a classroom with a teacher …
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