How to Use the Word Though in American English

Some English words are more tricky than others. This is certainly the case with the word though, with both the pronunciation and the how to use often confusing new learners. In this video, Gabby gives you a quick lesson on the word though, how it sounds and how to use …

Five things Native English Speakers Never Say

When learning a new language most people want to sound like a native speaker. A large part of sounding natural is pronunciation, but some is also about learning the culture of the language. There are some phrases that are never used in the English language, while some phrases are just …

8 Ways To Speak With A North American Accent

Are you learning English and want to speak with a North American accent? In the video below your Teacher Gabby provides 8 great tips for learning how to sound like a North American English speaker. Syllables Every word with two syllables or more will have a strong and weak sounding …
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