Unique English as a Second Langauge Teaching Opportunity

Correct homework part-time and work from anywhere with this flexible position.

Role: to correct video, audio & text-based homework online. Coach students in advanced communication, including pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and confidence.

Skills needed: energetic on-camera presence, supportive and positive attitude, fast-learner, good self-manager, tech-savvy, willing to figure things out if they are not clear, excellent communicator, experience teaching ESL at a high professional level.

Who this is for: motivated, self-starters who like an asynchronous (not live real-time) teaching role where you can work remotely and have a flexible schedule. You need to be able to manage your time extremely well, be self-directed (Questions? Google it first!), able to self-manage, meet agreed upon deadlines, fast turnaround time, and have excellent communication skills. You will be seen as a direct extension of the Go Natural English brand, and need to embody it in your communication and teaching style, as well as how you appear on-camera (professional and high quality).

Who this is NOT for: this is not a role for someone who needs a boss constantly telling you exactly what to do, or if you think just putting in the hours equals a good job. Once you have your training, you need to be able to understand quickly what needs to get done and how to do it, figuring things out, and produce solutions, not excuses. You need to prove that you can handle this highly self-directed work. 

Pay: $15/hr to start at 3 hours per week, possibly with opportunities to advance.

To begin the application process, send your video response by clicking on “reply” below. Hiring is on a rolling basis.