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My experience in the course is absolutely positive.  Your course is not the usual English course.  It’s a wonderful program.  I’m enjoying all the course. 

This is a product of careful thoughts and planning.  Nothing here is left to chance and I feel overwhelming at times but it’s just because in this course you concentrated in six months what other courses do in six years.  You share your knowledge.  That is the key.

I feel confident because I realize that if you don’t make mistakes when you learn a language, you will never speak it.  An important thing is that now I’m able to think in English. Before I was always translating from Italian into English.  So I thought if I want to speak and write in English with confidence that I have to think in English first.  Because you have a lot of choices.  You can go into the community.  You can go into the course.  You can ask for help from the teachers or email them.   

So it’s important to stay motivated.  I think in this course you are doing something revolutionary because you give your students real unscripted American English so the people who know and have this knowledge don’t share this knowledge.  I am speaking about my personal experience. I almost gave up with this language.  This it is the best learning experience I’ve ever had.


Hi everyone, I am Emiko from Japan and today I’d like to talk about GoNaturalEnglish course.  My favorite part of this course is conversation listening practice.  These are videos of Gabby and other English and other English speakers without any script so that’s why the conversation is so natural.  The top three things I learned in this course – first thing is how to communicate with other English speakers.  This skill is very important because I didn’t know how to start a conversation, how to introduce myself and how to continue a conversation in English.  The second thing is phrasal verbs.  I learned a ton of phrasal verbs throughout this course and that English speakers use many, many phrasal verbs in daily conversation and that’s why phrasal verbs are fundamental knowledge.  Last but not least, motivation.  This is super, super important mindset for learning language.  We need to be patient and to be consistent to be fluent and Gabby’s words are so motivational.  Whenever I feel depressed or disappointed by watching her videos and listening to her voice and words, I am able to get myself back.  

I joined free course for other channels.  I’m not sure why, but I don’t like that course so I didn’t pay for that course.  On the other hand, I bought your English fluency ebook and it is so useful for me that other people can understand my English. I am satisfied with your course and your feedback.  I enjoy conversation listening practice videos.  I like to watch these videos.  I want to say, thank you very much


I was looking for something good because I was really stuck with my English.  I Googled to find something better for English learners and I happened to find Gabby’s video on YouTube.  I went to her website GoNaturalEnglish as I was really interested in the eBook she made so I decided to buy it.  I really liked it, especially the mindset for English learning.  I really find that I need mindset because I am really nervous to speak English all the time.  I studied English hard when I was younger so maybe I know grammar and English rules but I really can’t speak English so I thought I really need to pursue the mindset.  The eBooks made me want to join the course.  It made me speak English much better than before.  I really like listening to native speakers conversations. 


I think in these 24 weeks my improvement is much much larger than my past 10 or 20 years. And I chose Go Natural because it is more systematic. It’s useful in the daily life because then I can have face-to-face conversation. And also I can listen to different accents from different countries. It’s the most important to me because I was scared to speak in front of others. But in English the most important is to speak and dare to speak and dare to listen. Within these 24 weeks I learned courage. I learned confidence.


Do you participate in the Facebook fluency club group?
I try to write. I like that. It’s a good way of learning more vocabulary from the others.Would you recommend our Fluent Communication program to your friends or family?
Yes, of course! I love this! The first moment that I decided, when I pay for the course I thought ‘what am I doing?’ How am I going to do this? How am I going to record videos? I’m crazy’. But then I realized it was a good decision. I am happy with this. I love the course. I am really happy. I’ll repeat that I am really happy. I really like that kind of information. I can have access to, to be part of the group. It’s really interesting. It’s really interesting to hear people from other countries. That’s a great opportunity to, I don’t know, to open your ear. I can see that. When I watch a movie or something in English now I understand much more than before. I can see that. And I feel good! So I try to listen in English everywhere! It’s been a change in my routine. I have a different goal now, with this course. My soul is happier. That is a great thing for me.


I believe your material, on this site, is very good for someone to learn English very quickly. I am so happy about this. Because you, Gabby and the team, you try very much for us. And I appreciate it! Thank you, thank you. I believe in myself now. I believe in myself now! Because in the past I did not believe in myself. It is very important to believe in yourself.


I decided to be a part of this course because I noticed that it has all the information that I need to continue to develop my English. You offer me so many different things. I love English! And I don’t want to speak like anyone else, like some basic vocabulary. So you offer me more options to develop my English. I feel more confident because there’s some vocabulary I learned during the course. In the meantime, I will continue learning things because there are a lot of great materials. For example, you have great rules because I don’t like you to tell me how do I say that. No. I like you to explain to me how to do it because that’s the way I consider that I learn. I work in English so since I come to the course I start using more vocabulary, more new phrases and it was because of you. Thank you very much.


I am quite impressed by your dedication to us. I would like to say this because as a learner I really appreciate this and as a person that tries to study to be a teacher one day it was necessary. I know that it takes a lot of time to prepare the lessons, to pay attention to every student and I really appreciate your attention because I usually do online courses and I’ve had not really good experiences sometimes. So with a course like this, you feel like you have people there to help you. I really appreciate that. And this is really important to keep the motivation if you have somebody that answers you, somebody, that is giving you tips, etc. English in my case is very important in my professional field. I study English and I love English because it allows me to connect with the world. At the same time, I study English because for my professional career it is important. I need to speak English and I need to speak English properly. Eight years ago I couldn’t have applied for some positions that I am applying to now. My professional career has changed a lot because of English.


With this course, with this community, it’s the first time I felt confident. The first time after 25 years! So I need to tell you it’s INCREDIBLE. Your course is incredible. The lessons in grammar, phrasal verbs, pronunciation, everything is perfect… I could only recommend it for everybody who wants to improve in English. I’m very happy to arrive at this point because I feel confidence… I have the pleasure today to watch TV in English. To read in English… before, I couldn’t understand… today it’s totally different. It’s thanks to you. Everything with your course is great… I can speak today and it’s thanks to you and the community!!! 


…So I think when I saw my first video and my first journal entry I realized that I’ve improved my English a lot and it is much better than in the beginning. Especially if I would say about the pronunciation of some letters and some new words. I think that I pronounce them now more naturally and I am happy about that.
…And also I would say that my vocabulary is now richer. I’ve picked up new phrases, new expressions, new natural words, and expressions. We can talk about phrasal verbs and this is a wonderful world of new words that enrich our vocabulary and let us feel that we are more natural. So, actually, I feel more comfortable, and more relaxed when I speak English.
…So, I’m very thankful about this development, this learning process, and I see more and more positive results and I am happy. I thank you very much, Gabby and all the Go Natural English Team. Thank you all members of the community. I wish the best for you all and I’m waiting for your feedback. Thank you very much and goodbye.


This ebook is very helpful for me, it includes many useful strategic details.I love it, and the other GNE lessons. Thank you Ms Gabby and the team.

Hi everyone, I began today to go through my Go Natural English course the 50 Fixes for English Fluency, it was interesting and lots of idioms to learn!

Go Natural English really motivates me to keep my English level up. I just want to say thanks, Ive been working in a call center and you really help me a lot to keep a fluid english conversation.

I feel to say each time I go through a new  lesson, I’m excited and they are incredibly interesting! Thanks… This course It has been interesting and the teachers are incredible. They know how to catch your attention and involve you. I’m sure I’m reaching more fluency and more skills in English language. I would recommend attending this course!

Really thanks for your lessons giving the experience of new way in language learning, especially, how to learn English naturally and effectively. I am one of those who spent lots of time learning English from textbooks in an old traditional way which I spent years since high school to college, but I could not communicate with the English native speakers easily or naturally until I saw your video courses. I have spent just only a few months by trying to listen to a lot of your videos so that now I can think in English and speak English more confidently and effortlessly. I feel very happy now. I am so grateful to you that you have made a lot of priceless videos helping me and others around the world to learn English in a very successfully effective way.

I have learned how to express myself more clearly with the Go Natural English Premium Courses. I got used to listening to native speakers. It was a wonderful experience!

I would recommend Go Natural English to friends and family

I enjoy a lot Fluency Club and the main reason is to communicate with many people around the world. This is a way to enhance my vocabulary and the structure of sentences.From my point of view, Fluency brings me several other satisfaction, principally the method that I've learnt in your book. This is in interesting book and I often listen the audio in my car. Listening and reading and writing are a daily routine in which I add watching news on BBC and CNN. I've never had any doubt before joining Fluency Club because I had watched a lot of Gabby's videos and I appreciate the contents and the way of teaching them. I keep in mind to post a video later and of course I would recommend "Go Natural English" to friends and family.

Gabby has been the best english teacher I ever had. This book are going to help you to understand that the clasical merhod to learn english, or any other language, is not the best way to be fluent. Why are you studing english? what is your goal? what are your motivations? if you don't know these questions, this is your book.

I can give support to your great work that you dedicate to all of us!

Gabby, I subscribed me in your Youtube channel and just bought the E-book "The English Fluency Formula" for Kindle and I did the download the Audio, too. I think that this way I can give support to your great work that you dedicate to all of us! Thanks a lot.

In my home country Brazil I was not happy with English courses. When I came to the US, I thought classes would be different, but they were not. So, I found Go Natural English and I am very happy with the Premium Course!

Gabby is really a fantastic teacher. It is easy to understand her lessons. I think she was born to be a teacher. Besides, she is very kind making you feel comfortable to try with no worries about the mistakes you could make. She makes me feel as if a close friend of mine is teaching me. I highly recommend this course. Plus I’ll definitely take others courses from her.

Your 100 Most Common Phrases with audio is really nice. I love it. I finally realized why I cannot follow conversations in town. I want to learn the material again and again. I strongly recommend publishing this course in a book (paper book), with Japanese translations if possible. I think It will be a great work.

I have been enjoying GNE for months and I can say it’s a wonderful place where everyone could get fluent in English: Gabby is a funny, proficient and professional teacher, you’re going to love her. I recommend GNE to every person who’s looking the best way to learn English quickly and effective.

I have learned a lot and improved my listening skills with the Go Natural English Premium Course. I have a big interview coming up and I can thank Go Natural English for helping me to improve my fluency for that.

I would like to thank Gabby and the Go Natural English team for the great course!

What is great is your videos. It is so clear when you explain things! It’s the right place to go. The Premium Courses are very clear. It’s great to learn the American accent and have an American experience.

It was better for me to buy the Premium Course. It’s an amazing course. I really like it. I like the focus and it’s very easy to get the information and to practice. I like it so much. This was the best decision and I love the course.

It’s surprising that your English is absolutely easy to listen to. You pronounce very clearly and I’m sure it put learners mind at rest. I can imagine how talented you are as an English teacher. “Get” is a very useful verb. I “GOT” it! I’m looking forward to seeing your new lessons.

I was worrying about my studying at the same time asking myself should I continue or quite my studying. Now I'm sure it is possible to reach the desired skills in English.

Incredibly impressed, but not incredibly surprised. I always envisioned your professionalism and creativity finding a place somewhere. Glad to be your colleague and friend.

I love this book! You showed me exactly what I want to learn to be more fluently in English

You’re the best! Really! You are always looking for improvement. Three years ago I traveled and didn’t understand any English. People told me I was too old to learn English. Now I’m so happy because I can communicate with you and when I travel abroad, I was able to communicate with people because of the Go Natural English Premium Courses. I like your advice.

The Fluent Communication course is interesting and I’m learning new ways to speak. The videos are clear and instructions well organized. This course is making me more fluent in English!

This book is ideal for non-native english speakers. It explains the GNE's method in practice.

Your course is incredible.

With this course, with this community, it’s the first time I felt confident. The first time after 25 years! So I need to tell you it’s INCREDIBLE. Your course is incredible. The lessons in grammar, phrasal verbs, pronunciation, everything is perfect… I could only recommend it for everybody who wants to improve in English. I’m very happy to arrive at this point because I feel confidence… I have the pleasure today to watch TV in English. To read in English… before, I couldn’t understand… today it’s totally different. It’s thanks to you. Everything with your course is great… I can speak today and it’s thanks to you and the community!!!

I would like to thank you for what you’re doing for me and thousands of people around the world, helping us improve our English with your amazing system. I’m sure that Go Natural English could help me becoming more fluent and confident when I’m speaking as well as when I’m listening. I’m usually listening to your videos while I’m driving back home from work, and let me tell you, I feel that my English keep getting better and better. Thanks again for all your help. I’m really enjoying your Premium Course.

It's great. Thanks for the eBook. I love it. Thank you my english teacher…

The right method for the IELTS

I need to take IELTS certification and this eBook is amazing for give me a right method! <div>Thanks you so much for the help.</div>

I would highly recommend Gabby’s lessons to those who are seeking to improve their business English skills. After couple of months working with Gabby, my English has improved a lot and I can definitely feel the improvement based on the feedback I received at work or while interacting with other native English speakers.  I am also very impressed by her coaching skills. As a 36 years old ESL student, I find that her instructions are very easy to follow because she can always find the best way to correct a problem.

Gabby has helped me achieving the pronunciation I need. That helped me to prepare for the IELTS test. I got the score I needed to be accepted to MBA school.  I'm improving my English conversations and also with work related words which makes me feel more confident speaking with my customers. I highly recommend the Go Natural English course.

If you have an intermediate or advanced level in English, then you need to know about this new and revolutionary method, that allow us to reach fluency, in a quickly and safely way. Thank you Teacher Gabby.

I have asked Gabby to help me with my writing several times. The biggest reason I ask her is that she does not only correct mistakes, but gives me suggestions for clarification and emphasis to make my writings better. Her suggestions are like guide to be a better writer for the future! Thank you, Gabby, for your big help!!

This is not a book which reveals some great secrets for shortcuts to English learners, however, this is a collection of simple advice, some kind of golden rules maybe, which motivates and encourages to practice a bit every day.

The book is so cool … It's have been help me to understand e get better my fluency.

If you are seriously language leaner this is a book for you. This book gives you many good ideas how to do and what to do. And as you can soon realize learning languages isn't that hard at all. It can be just fun and enjoyable experience. So, why don't you give you a chance and try it.

Thank you so much for teaching me and providing the Go Natural English Fluent Communication Course. The course really helped me improve my English. All of the materials of the program were awesome!

Definitely one of the best books for Enlgish learners. It really tells you not only just WHAT to do, but also HOW, which is great for practice that you're going to need.

With Go Natural English Premium Courses, I can answer my customer’s questions, talk to my son’s teachers and do business in English. I have learned phrasal verbs and pronunciation.

Dear Gabby, It was a great opportunity that I worked with you to improve my English. The lessons were so interesting. I’ll definitely recommend my friends to take courses with you.

The pace is just perfect

I think the pace (of lessons) is just perfect. And I do love your video lessons – they seem to be of real practical value. And I am pretty sure some of the phrases will come in handy the next time I have to introduce myself or talk about what I like to do in my time off or whatever.

I’ve learned a lot. Now, I’m native like in speaking. I speak very well. I understand native speaker as I am talking to someone in my native language. Many thanks to you for what you have done.

Well written and clear motivation boost to really start learning meaningful english, thanks Gaby for your time and effort.

I’m very happy, you are a great teacher, the best I have found on Internet, your lessons are clear and your pronunciation is excellent, keep  going, I love that.

Hi, my name is Dhawal Mhatre. I am a dentist by profession and the requirements to qualify for one is pretty difficult, including a TOEFL score of more than 100.  I got in touch with gabby after searching the internet for a tutor who could boost my confidence and give my English skills an extra edge. To be frank, I felt very comfortable following Gabby's protocol and applying the same in the exam. I scored 106 out of 120.

I'm so happy that I found this book. It fits exactly with what I was looking for to improve my english fluency. Defenitley I recommend it.