The Go Natural English Fluency Challenge

Day 3 – Habits – Play the Video Lesson to Learn Now

If you’re enjoying our week-long challenge, see student results from my Complete English Course, Fluent Communication

I think in these 24 weeks my improvement is much much larger than my past 10 or 20 years. And I chose Go Natural because it is more systematic. It’s useful in the daily life because then I can have face-to-face conversation. And also I can listen to different accents from different countries. It’s the most important to me because I was scared to speak in front of others. But in English the most important is to speak and dare to speak and dare to listen. Within these 24 weeks I learned courage. I learned confidence.


With this course, with this community, it’s the first time I felt confident. The first time after 25 years! So I need to tell you it’s INCREDIBLE. Your course is incredible. The lessons in grammar, phrasal verbs, pronunciation, everything is perfect… I could only recommend it for everybody who wants to improve in English. I’m very happy to arrive at this point because I feel confidence… I have the pleasure today to watch TV in English. To read in English… before, I couldn’t understand… today it’s totally different. It’s thanks to you. Everything with your course is great… I can speak today and it’s thanks to you and the community!!! 


I believe your material, on this site, is very good for someone to learn English very quickly. I am so happy about this. Because you, Gabby and the team, you try very much for us. And I appreciate it! Thank you, thank you. I believe in myself now. I believe in myself now! Because in the past I did not believe in myself. It is very important to believe in yourself.


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