The Secret to American English Pronunciation is Linking Words Together

ID-10088301We oftentimes use two ways when we speak with others. When we talk with our superiors, mentors and professors, we become very conventional, especially, in formal situations.But when we are with friends and family, we usually tend to be informal and casual.

In this video, we will learn some tips on how Native American English speakers converse casually by  using “Linking words.”


But first of all, what are Linking Words?


Linking words are two or more words reduced to one. For example, “gonna” is a word which was formed by reducing some sounds of the two words, “Going” and “to,” which seems more relaxed  rather than uttering the said words.


By learning some of the tips, you will be certain that you will sound much like a Native English speaker being casual when you talk. Why don’t you think of some other examples and use it in your daily conversations with your friends or loved ones! And you will see your improvement in no time!




Photo Credit: Stuart Miles


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