How to Find the Time to Learn to Speak English

Time… it is necessary for improving our English speaking skills. But how? We’re already busy.​​​​

​​Can you take 5 minutes to read this? It could make a difference in your English fluency for the rest of your life. 

​​Today I’d like to offer two suggestions for making time to study without over-committing yourself and without feeling overwhelmed. 

Let’s talk about how to simplify your English study schedule.

Here are two ways that we create the time to study in our complete Go Natural English course. You can use these strategies whether you join the course or not.

(1) ​​​​STOP doing some things that don’t involve learning English. 

Are there things you spend 15 minutes or more doing each day that you could STOP doing? Fifteen minutes is about the amount of time it takes to watch an English lesson and take a quiz in our course. 

Could you STOP or reduce your time playing video games? Scrolling on social media?​​ Watching advertisements on TV? Check your email only once a day instead of ten times per day? 

Just some ideas… some might apply more to your life than others 🙂


(2) ​​​​INTEGRATE English speaking into your existing activities.

Without a doubt there are activities that you are ALREADY DOING in your native language that you could be doing in English! At first it will be more challenging and take a bit more time to integrate English into your regular activities, so take it slow. 

Could you… read or listen to the news in English?​​​​ Write your list of groceries to buy in English? Decide what you’ll eat for lunch in English? Look for information online in English? Watch a movie with the English subtitles on? 

Just some ideas… again, some might work better for you than others, and you may have more ideas too!

In our complete course, we integrate English into your daily life by discussing real topics of interest, hosting our course online and making it easy to access. ​​​​ It serves a social function (if only online, these are real friends you’re making from all around the world!), and is like having an English coach in your pocket all the time… assuming you have a smart phone.

So, the next time you think you don’t have time to learn something new, consider how you could STOP doing some things and INTEGRATE some things. This is how we move our habits and how we can learn new things, like how to speak English, easily as busy adults!​​

​​Do you have more ideas on how we can create the time to improve our English speaking? Share with us in the comments!​

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