Learn English by Upgrading Your Mindset – Positive Thinking

Have you ever thought about using your thoughts to help you learn English? I don’t mean using your mind to learn grammar or memorize vocabulary. What I mean is totally different. You need to create a learning mindset to think positively before you even think about opening your English lessons! If you’re interested in the steps you should take to improve your mindset and think positively, then keep reading! I’m going to share five steps that will help you to think positively right away. When you put these steps into action, you’ll learn faster and feel more confident speaking English fluently.


5 Steps to Help You Develop a Positive Learning Mindset

Focus on What You Can Do

We often focus on the skills we lack so that we can improve them. It’s good to understand where you need improvement, but it’s also important to take time to celebrate what you can do. When you acknowledge how far you’ve come from zero English to being able to read this, you should feel proud of yourself!

Don’t focus on what you can’t do. This can make you feel negative about English and hesitant to try new words or structures and make mistakes. Instead, focus on what you can do, do more of that, and try adding some new words and structures often to expand the amount of English you can use comfortably!


Create a Positive Mantra

A positive mantra is a phrase that reminds you that you’re doing a good job. It gives you confidence and energy to continue working on a big goal like English fluency. An example would be, “I am  putting my best effort into learning a little more each day and improving as I go.” Or, simply, “I can become fluent in English!”

What is your English learning mantra? Write it down and put it in a place you will see it day after day — on your wall, on your smartphone or in your wallet!


Spend Time with Motivated People

The people we spend the most time with influence our lives dramatically. If you want to be an English speaker, you should spend time with other English speakers! If you want to improve your life, you should spend time with motivated, positive people. The friends, family members and colleagues with whom you spend the most time should support your English learning goals. If they don’t, try to minimize your time with them and make new friends who are supportive. It’s difficult to leave negative friends behind, but necessary if you want to change your life for the better.


Accept and Learn From Your Mistakes

Why do we think mistakes are always bad? Maybe it’s because if we make a mistake in our classes it means a lower grade an disapproval from others. The reality is so different! If you think positively about your mistakes, accept them and learn from them, they can be great tools for learning! See, when you make a mistake, you will realize it most of the time and be able to correct yourself the next time. If you make mistakes and don’t realize it, that’s ok too — it’s better to try and make a mistake than to say nothing at all! Trust me, you will not improve if you are shy about making mistakes. Instead of avoiding making mistakes, just try to do your best, ask for help and correct yourself as you go.


Believe You Can!

If you don’t believe you can learn English, then what’s the point of trying? I suggest that you remind yourself of your human capability to learn languages! If you can speak your first language, then you are able to speak a second language. If you feel like other people are learning faster than you, don’t worry. Don’t compare yourself to others. Simply remind yourself of these five positive, helpful steps, review them and keep going with studying English!

I suggest you watch the video lesson and consider getting the Go Natural English E-Book: The English Fluency Formula to learn more about a positive approach to learning English.


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