What is the Difference Between Supposed to and Should — Learn American English

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Are you supposed to be improving your English language fluency? Then you really should be spending more time practicing either online or in person with native English speakers. The expressions, “Practice, practice, practice” or “Practice makes perfect” are never truer than they are for learning, and mastering, a foreign language.


The phrase “supposed to” indicates some kind of obligation to do something. You might hear something like, “I am supposed to go bowling with my friends today, but I really have to study.” This indicates that you might have already made plans to go bowling but now you realize that you have too much homework to do.


On the other hand, the word “should” generally means that you ought to do something.  For instance, you might hear someone say, “I feel terrible and I should stay home from work today.” This means that it would be best to stay home but you’re not sure if you’re going to, or not.


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