When I Try to Speak, I Feel Nervous – Learn to Speak American English


Many people nowadays are really into learning  English. They have their own reasons why they want to master the language. It could be for employment, travel, leisure purposes and many others.


It is common for non native English speakers to feel nervous when using the language. Some of the reasons why they feel that way is because they are afraid to commit mistakes and be laughed at.


Confidence is one of the essential elements in speaking the English language. We can achieve this in many ways. It is a good thing to prepare ourselves. In this video tip, we will learn a Go Natural English way of speaking with confidence.


Here are the steps mentioned in the video:







Do not be nervous, shy or scared in using the English language. It is totally fine to make mistakes, that is how we learn. Put what you discovered from this tip into practice and make English a part of your day-to-day life to see rapid improvements in your fluency.




Photo Credit: Stuart Miles


Exposure to English & the right method of learning are keys to fluency

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To be fluent, you must speak!

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