Top 10 Common Vocabulary Words You (Maybe) Mispronounce in American English PART 1

American English Pronunciation

English pronunciation can be unpredictable at times and easy to mispronounce. There are many everyday English vocabulary words that you may be saying incorrectly! I’ve heard my own students saying these words wrong, and so I want to help you to clear up some common mistakes.

Have you seen my lesson on the 100 Most Common Words in English? This is another good one to watch to make sure you’re correctly saying the most frequently used words in English.

Don’t worry if you’ve been mispronouncing these words in the recent past. It’s never too late to learn and improve!


One Common Mistake in English Pronunciation

You’ll see all the words in this lesson have something in common — the mistake most English learners make is producing the wrong vowel sounds. Pay close attention to the vowel sound. Remember that in many English words, the vowel sounds blend together into one sound and are not said separately like they may be in other languages, like your native language!


Top 10 Most Common Words Non-Native English Speakers May Mispronounce

Here is the list of common English vocabulary words you may be mispronouncing and the likely reason why. Next to them you’ll see the international phonetic alphabet pronunciation. Watch the video lesson to practice the correct pronunciation of these words with me!

  1. Said – sɛd
  2. Says – sɛz
  3. Woman – ˈwʊmən
  4. Aren’t – ˈɑrənt
  5. Fruit – frut
  6. Mountain – ˈmaʊntən
  7. World – wɜrld
  8. Word – wɜrd
  9. Work – wɜrk
  10. Walk – wɔk

You can see that it is super important to focus on the vowel sounds in English! They can be tricky. There are 20+ vowel sound in English, which may be more than in your native language. Pay close attention to the vowel sounds in everyday English words to improve your pronunciation. Once you master English vowels, your accent will be more native like!

It’s important to practice saying these words and getting feedback from a teacher or native English speaker! I recommend you try the Cambly app for instant Skype style lessons. They’re sponsoring us to give you your first 15-minute English lesson for free!

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