5 Simple Ways to Think Like a Native English Speaker

Often, native English speakers sound different than English learners. However, did you know that native English speakers also think and behave differently? In this lesson, learn five simple ways to shift your mindset and think more like a native English speaker. This will surely help you build confidence and achieve better fluency in English.

Key Mindset Shifts to Think More Like a Native in English: Do’s and Don’ts

Try to meet people to practice your EnglishTake action to meet people who you genuinely like and have things in common with – and happen to speak English
Think “my English is so bad” or let fear of making mistakes stop you from talkingUnderstand everyone makes mistakes. If you think you’re making a lot of mistakes, make a mental note to find out how to correct yourself for the next time.
Decide not to do something because you’re afraid you won’t understandDo the activity – attend the stand-up comedy, go to the lecture, hang out with native speakers. If you don’t understand, it’s ok. This, exposure to new more advanced content, is the first step in pushing yourself to the next level.
Believe that you have a handicap because you’re not a native speaker, or an inferiority complexThe world is made up of more non-native speakers than native. To be honest you’re in the majority. Remember that the goal is not “perfect” English — the goal is communication. Your background being different is actually a strength, something you can share with others.
Focus or dwell on what you don’t know, even if you’re not an advanced English speaker.Use what you know, and keep on learning each day! Watch the next video “5 things to do each day to dramatically improve your English” for suggestions.

Training to Think Like a Native English Speaker

It takes time and training to think more like a native English speaker. Other ideas to help you gain this skill include:

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