To Lay or Lie?

This blog article may be useful for both native speakers and those who are new to the English language. It starts with asking a very important question… Do we lay down or lie down for a nap? That is a pretty good question and one that is worth pondering every …

Frank and me, or Frank and I?

Have you ever struggled in knowing which personal pronoun to use in a sentence  – me or I? You are not alone. Even native English speakers confuse which personal pronoun to use in a sentence with multiple subjects. Every now and again in our course, this question will pop up. After …

How to Use Intensifiers

Have you ever wondered how you could describe and share your opinions more clearly? A great way to do so is by using intensifiers! What are Intensifiers? Intensifiers are modifiers in a sentence that give additional emotional context to the word it is modifying. They enhance, demonstrate emphasis or force, …
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