5 Ways to Become a Fearless American English Speaker

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Do you need a boost to your confidence when speaking English? Do you wish you were less fearful of learning and speaking American English? Check out Gabby’s tips in her video on 5 ways to become a fearless American English Speaker!

Learning English as a Second (or Third!) Language

Our goal at Go Natural English is to make learning American English as easy and enjoyable as possible for you! We understand how daunting learning a new language can be, especially if the only language (or languages!) you’ve ever learned is your native one!

English, especially American English, has become increasingly prevalent in our everyday lives thanks to the Internet, Hollywood movies and TV shows, the music industry, and the worldwide interest in American culture. These 5 tips will help you be on your way to speaking like a native and taking part in this global language!w

1. Prepare and Practice in Advance

Whether it’s in conversation, a speech, or a project that you’re working on, learning to express yourself and your ideas accurately require preparation. Just as you would do in school for any other subject, speaking another language and expressing yourself successfully demand that you study well and prepare your talking points. The more you practice these, the better prepared you will be.

2. Talk to Yourself in English

If you’ve already had some schooling in English, or if you’ve learned on your own, reading out loud, singing along to music, and speaking to yourself are all great ways that you’ve probably already used to get a basic understanding of how to speak American English. However, learning English as a second language can be difficult, especially if you’re learning in another country, because you might not find enough people to practice your English with. For this reason, practicing with yourself is actually a smart way to learn a language, as silly as you might think it seems, because it helps you to not be nervous when you’re speaking another language.

3. Listen to Music or Other Audio Media

This is one of the most true statements for me! As a former musician and a language learner, music has always been one of my favorite ways to learn. The way music conditions your ear and allows you to experience different intonations within a language are sure to teach you the most natural way to speak. Also, being able to associate words with specific sounds, feelings, and experiences will help you organize your learning correctly in your mind. Other audio-only media (like audiobooks – check out ours here! https://www.gonaturalenglish.com/ebook/) are also efficient ways to focus your hearing on a particular language or dialect, and use that new knowledge to imitate and perfect your own accent.

4. Mistakes Are Okay

Being nervous, being afraid, and worrying about what others will think or say are definitely hard obstacles to overcome. Even native speakers (and teachers!) get nervous and make mistakes! But gaining the confidence to overcome these obstacles will give you the tools you need to leave your fears behind.

5. Don’t Give Up!

Relax and speak, because that’s the way we learn! Don’t give up, and make an effort to keep going with your desire to speak perfect English. Keep your motivation going, and find ways to make learning fun! As with any new task you present yourself with, there are bound to be challenges. When it comes to language, these challenges can seem particularly frustrating because you are trying to do one of the most essential human activities – to communicate! When you’re already an expert in one language and find yourself starting from scratch in another, it can seem like an impossible challenge to learn a second language successfully. But remember, you already did it once, and you can do it again!

Once you’ve given yourself the goal of learning English successfully, you will see how far a positive mindset will take you. And when you’ve started to reach your goal and can being to understand other English speakers better, you’ll be amazed at how awesome it is to watch a movie, listen to a song, or read a book that was originally made in English in its original version. A whole new world of opportunities and experiences will open up to you! You will gain confidence when you travel, you will be able to communicate effectively with more people, and the digital world we all live in will become your oyster. But, best of all, you will make new friends!

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