7 Tips on Where to Practice English if You Live in a Country Where No One Speaks English

Go Natural English receives many emails a day from learners all over the World who feel isolated in their learning. With no one to practice English with they feel discouraged or like giving up. If you live in a country where people don’t speak English, or live in an English speaking country but don’t have someone to practice with – we want you to succeed in your goal of English fluency! This is why Gabby made a video 7 tips on where to practice English if you live in a country where no one speaks English.  

Find someone local to practice English with

Foreigners or expats are a good group to connect with. Try and find people through a local Facebook group (search up your city or neighbourhood and see if one is available, or start your own!). Join International clubs or groups in your city. Create a language learning exchange ad and try placing it in a hostel or maybe on a University bulletin board. 

Meet people through shared interests!

Look for people you have something in common with to develop a deeper connection and a more meaningful conversation than just learning English. Join a Adult recreational sports team network, or a hiking club, or volunteer somewhere you know English speakers may be. Meetup up a great website for finding people with common interests – AND it even has a category for Language and Culture meet ups!

Go online

Find someone online who would like to practice their English too or a Language exchange partner. Italki is a great place to start for this, OR join our very own Go Natural English Fluency Club (we would love to have you join us!). 

Invest in some online lessons 

There are loads of free lessons on YouTube. Try our English Fluency Formula ebook! Set up set a regular routine for yourself. Once you establish a habit – you will see momentum in your learning, and this can be very motivating.

Practice with yourself

Speak out loud. Record yourself and see how you are doing as it is the best way to evaluate your progress. Listen to the news in English, or watch movies in English and listen for expressions that you like. Repeat your favorite expressions out loud to yourself until they feel comfortable. 

Start thinking in English

This like the last tip, but it is extended to your internal world. You can start by creating a positive affirmation daily. By thinking positive thoughts (in English, of course!) internally that confirm that you can meet your English Fluency goals. Repeat them daily. Set up some time every day to read a little bit in English, something you enjoy – not a textbook! Label common every day items around your home with their English words, taping a paper onto them. Every time you use the item, think of what it is called in English and then check and see if you were correct.

Sing songs in English

Listen to English singers on the radio (or YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify) and find songs that you love. Search for the lyrics online (if you like!) and repeat the songs and sing along. Notice that after a while, you will know more of the words to the song! Singing is a great way to retain English and can be enjoyable as well.

Watch Gabby in the video below share 7 Tips on where to practice English if you live in a country where no one speaks English!

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