Gabby’s Powerful Morning Routine and Improving English Fluency

It is well known that successful people often have well established routines. Being organized and predictable gives a strong foundation to build on. Setting aside time for you and your personal growth every morning will make you feel good. Starting each day in a positive way will make you feel more confident in all areas of your life – not just your English fluency. In the video below Gabby shares her powerful morning routine and offers suggestions to improve English fluency by establishing your very own routine.   

Gabby’s Powerful Morning Routine

Gabby established a morning routine from an inspirational book titled “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. Her day starts every morning at around 6 am and includes:

  1. Sitting in silence or spending time in meditation
  2. Affirmations –  to say positive things to yourself about yourself
  3. Visualizations – imagining yourself living the life you want
  4. Exercise – moving the body for at least ten minutes
  5. Reading (even if it is just for a little while)

Improving English Fluency With Your Powerful Morning Routine

How can you use Gabby’s powerful morning routine and turn it into an English learning routine?

  1. Create a Mantra:I am improving every day” or “today is a great day to make mistakes”. These affirmations will create a positive learning environment for yourself and thereby encourage and cultivate growth. Creating a safe place to learn is to embrace your mistakes, and accept that this is part of learning.
  2. Immerse yourself in English while you are getting ready: Watch the news in English while you are eating breakfast, or listen to an English podcast in the background while you are dressing, stretching, brushing your teeth, while commuting on the train, bus or in the car and maybe even while walking your dog.
  3. Read in English: Start with 5 minutes and work your way up to a number that you have time for. Read in English for that set amount of time but make sure it is only something that you enjoy. Only read for pleasure. This is not the time to bring out the lesson book or the dictionary – this is a time to just savor words and relax.
  4. Exercise: English speaking exercises. If you want to improve your accent to sound like a natural English speaker, set aside a little bit of time every morning to watch videos and practice aloud.

Watch the video to listen to Gabby share her powerful morning routine and suggestions to improve English Fluency!  

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