Know vs Now — Learn the Difference in Pronunciation between Two Commonly Confused Words in American English

MiroAlt / Pixabay

As you probably know by now, English is a difficult language to master because it has its roots in a multitude of languages. Because of this, there is often no rhyme nor reason for how certain words are pronounced. You just have to learn their pronunciation since there are sometimes no standardized rules governing pronunciation.


While the words “know” and “now” are spelled similarly (only a silent “k” at the beginning tells you that they are pronounced differently), “To Know” means to have knowledge, to grasp a concept or meaning. On the other hand, “now” is an aspect of time signifying “at this moment”.  So, the words have entirely different meanings, but it is the spelling that confuses many non-English speakers.


You can learn how English words are spelled and used in context by reading and speaking as often as possible. Don’t just “hear” people speak, actively “listen” so you can pick up subtle differences in pronunciation and meaning. At Go Natural English, Gabby strives to make sure that you get the most out of your English speaking experience.