Mastering the Correct Pronunciation: Quick Fixes to Sound Smarter!

Hello, Language Learners!

Are you learning English and want to ensure you have the correct pronunciation? Check out this video. Gabby will guide you through some tricky English words and fix some common mistakes. She will also explain why these words are pronounced this way. Knowing where the words come from (etymology) can be a huge help in remembering the correct pronunciation. Plus, it’s fascinating!

Common Mispronunciations: Let’s Clear Them Up

Even native English speakers stumble over certain words, and that’s perfectly okay. What’s important is striving to improve. This video addresses common pronunciation pitfalls and guides you on how to say these words correctly:

  1. Library: The correct pronunciation is ‘LYE-brar-ee,’ not ‘LYE-ber-ree.’
  2. Ask: Remember it is said just how it looks ‘ask’, not ‘axe’ (the tool).
  3. Mine: The possessive pronoun doesn’t need an extra ‘s’ – it’s just ‘mine.’
  4. Espresso: No ‘x’ here – it’s ‘es-PRESS-o,’ not ‘ex-PRESS-o.’
  5. Especially: It starts with ‘e,’ not ‘ex.’
  6. Anyway: No need for an ‘s’ at the end.
  7. Toward: Again, drop the ‘s.’
  8. Tenant vs. Tenet: These sound similar but have different meanings.
  9. Quay: Surprisingly, it’s pronounced ‘key.’
  10. Realtor: It’s ‘REAL-tor,’ not ‘real-A-tor.’
  11. Segue: It looks odd but is pronounced ‘seg-way.’
  12. Forte, Cache, Chalet, Ballet: Borrowed from French, and each has its unique pronunciation.
  13. Foyer: Unlike the others, this one is ‘FOY-er.’
  14. Açaí: This delicious treat is ‘ah-sigh-EE,’ not ‘ah-kai.’

Remember, even native speakers make these mistakes. If you can master the correct pronunciations demonstrated in this video, you’ll be speaking better than many of them! It’s a confidence booster and a step forward in your English language journey. 

So, grab a notebook, tune in to the video, and prepare to step up your pronunciation game. It’s a small effort for a big gain in your English fluency. 


Further Learning on Correct Pronunciation

Don’t stop now – looking for further learning in the correct pronunciation. Be sure to check out  How To Improve English Listening Skills And Differentiate Commonly Confused Words In English

Happy learning!

Picture of Gabby Wallace, M.Ed TESOL

Gabby Wallace, M.Ed TESOL

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Gabby Wallace is the Founder of Go Natural English, where you can quickly improve your confidence speaking English through advanced fluency practice. Even if you don't have much time, this is the best place for improving your English skills. Millions of global intermediate - advanced English students are learning with Gabby's inspiring, clear, and energetic English lessons. Gabby has a Masters Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Boston University and 20+ years experience helping students become fluent through her online courses and membership program.

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