Natural: How to Say T in English Pronunciation like a Native Speaker

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As you have probably discovered, unlike many languages where the letters or sounds are pronounced as they are written, English is not like that. So often, English letters, sounds, and words are not pronounced as you would think they would be.

In this tip, Gabby explains how the “T” sound can be made in different ways, especially in American English. Sometimes it is pronounced as a “D” as in the word “city” but in other examples it is pronounced as a “ch” sound. We see this in words like “nature” and Adventure.” It is extremely important in English to learn how these words are pronounced because if you merely read them as they appear, it might not be understandable to a native English speaker.

Go Natural English is a really great tool for learning to speak and understand American English in a natural way. Unlike the way languages are taught in textbooks, most people speak using a lot of idioms and phrases that cannot be translated literally. They just will not make sense. Immerse yourself in the English language and experience it like it was meant to be – naturally.



Episode transcript below:


Hey there! How’s it going?

In this English tip episode, I have a question from Lamine.

Lamine is a Go Natural English audience member, and Lamine wants to know, “why do we pronounce ‘natural’ with a [ch] sound?”

Didn’t you say that a “T” between two vowels makes a “D” sound?

Lamine, that’s a great question.

So, let’s talk pronunciation.

Yes, sometimes when you have a “D” (sic) between two vowels like “city” you have a “D” sound instead of a T in English Pronunciation.

However, there are plenty of exceptions.

As always, with English, there are exceptions.

So, words like “nature”, “adventure”, “future” are all exceptions to that rule of vowel-T-vowel.

So, these are words that instead of saying “t” we say “ch” especially in American English.

So, one more time – “nature” or “natural” like Go Natural English, “adventure” and future.”

So, that is how you really pronounce a “T” in those example words.

Now, of course the T in English Pronunciation in many different ways in English.

What I recommend is to have a lot of exposure to English.

You can do this in many different ways.

You can find some materials like music, or perhaps news, or stories in audio format in English and listen to English every day, especially when you have some time where your ears are free.

A great way to do this is with podcasts.

Go Natural English is also a podcast that you can download for free on iTunes for ios and on Stitcher for your Android device.

That way when you’re in the gym or when you’re on the train or the bus or maybe when you’re doing something at home like cooking or cleaning or whatever you have to do, you can listen with your ears while you do other things with your eyes, with your activities.

You can make English a part of your life that way, and that is the way to really become comfortable with the different T in English Pronunciation.

There are many different sounds, many different ways to say the same letter, and so it’s important to have as much English in your life as possible.

I invite you to visit me at where I’d like to give you a free eBook that will help you more with your English fluency.

Also on the website, you can find out about the Go Natural English premium course that’s available for you to learn more natural fluent English, the way that Americans have conversations in daily life.

This is not your traditional English class but I’d like you to come over to the site and learn more about it there.

Now, I’ll talk to you real soon in another English tip here on YouTube, but in the meantime why don’t you come over and join the conversation with us on or on Twitter at gonaturaleng.

Feel free to leave a comment.

Let me know what you think of the videos.

Share the videos with your friends and be a great part of the Go Natural English community with thousands of other motivated, awesome English learners just like you.

Thanks so much for watching and I’ll talk to you soon.

Bye for now.

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