How to Speak English Fluently

Many English learners have spent countless hours in the classroom, only to feel frustrated at how little they remember, how confused they feel when speaking to native English speakers, and how they lack the confidence to carry on a conversation. In this video, Gabby will explain how to speak English fluently. She will explain why you don’t need a classroom, expensive textbooks or even a teacher in order to learn English! What do you need in order to succeed? The answer is simple (and even free) – YOU have the power! It is in you and you alone.

This is not like your English class 

If you focus on language as a connection or a way to bond with other humans, it will change the way you look at English. Textbook learning focuses on being grammatically correct and when you are always worrying about making mistakes, it takes away from the purpose of language, which is to communicate with others.  

What kind of learner are you?

Do you wait for a teacher to tell you what to do or are you an independent learner? If you are someone who needs to be told what to do and when to do it, then maybe you will feel more comfortable in a classroom Independent learners do not wait to learn. They find the answers.

What you DON’T need to speak English fluently?

A Classroom. In fact, you can learn better outside of the classroom in your own community. If you are motivated, you do not need a teacher. All you need is someone to practice English with. If you live in a country where no one speaks English, you may find this article interesting.

What DO you need to speak English Fluently?

You need motivation and independence. If you feel the initiative to take action for your own learning, there are ways of learning for free all around you.

Gabby’s 7 Steps on how to speak English fluently  

  1. Plan
  2. Listen
  3. Check
  4. Repeat
  5. Connect
  6. Use
  7. Review


What kind of conversation do you want to have in English? What is the situation you need to use English in? Who will you be conversing with and what will you be discussing?


If you want to be fluent you really need to listen. Therefore, find new ways to listen through friendships, podcasts, movies, and music. There are so many ways to listen to English now, thanks to the wide-reaching and ever-growing internet.


When you hear a new word that you are not familiar with, ask about it! Look it up in a dictionary, search up its meaning on the internet, ask a friend. When you consult several sources, you will have a deeper understanding of the word.


When you hear a word or phrase you like, use it several times until it sticks! Repetition will also help it feel natural.


Our motivation to learn language mostly comes with the desire to connect with other people. Having valuable friendships will be a huge motivator for you to learn English.


Use English daily and keep it fresh, use them as much as possible. Henceforth, do not be shy – even native English speakers make mistakes in day to day conversation. The more you use English, the more it will stick in your mind.


Always review what you learned a week, or even a month later. Review and repeat to keep memories strong and, again, to help it stick in your mind.

Most important of all, it is critically important to believe in yourself. As a human being, we all have the ability to learn a language and connect with others. Use English as a tool to connect with others and to improve your life.

Watch Gabby’s video now on how to speak English fluently!

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