Polyglot Tips to Learn a Language Fast

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Today we’re talking with a special guest about how to become a successful language learner, or a Polyglot Tips (a person who speaks many languages)

Steve Kauffman, also known as LingoSteve, shares his inspiring journey to becoming fluent in all different languages.

Are you learning other languages besides English? There are tips that apply to learning English and other languages, too!

 How does learning a language affect a person’s life?

Many more opportunities will come your way when you speak another language. Professionally, knowing another language can open doors in your career. Even so, perhaps the biggest reward is personal! When you can speak with people in their native language, you build stronger connections. Speaking another language can help build your confidence, too.


What are the common fears or challenges for English language learners?

Don’t think that you’re going to learn something once and master it. We make the same mistake over and over again. Slowly, without realizing it, we stop making the same mistakes. But it takes time. In school, teachers expect students to read a word once and memorize it. However, in real life, we learn when the brain sees patterns over time. So, this is a big problem that makes language learners afraid to make mistakes. That is a big challenge and problem for many language learners. It is ok to make mistakes!

What are some Polyglot Tips for learning a language quickly and successfully?

The most successful language learners are not afraid to make mistakes, they are patient and get a lot of input. This allows our brains to get used to the language. In order to be successful, confident speakers of a new language, we need to give ourselves time to experience the language and build up our skills.

Do you wanna learn how to use “wanna?” Are you gonna continue your learning? If you’re curious about how to use “gonna” and “wanna,” click here for this English lesson.

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